Q. I’ve been in my job for four years. I can’t go back to the office (not with my health history). There’s been no word so far. I’m getting nervous about it. I asked my manager to confirm that I can keep working from home. She says she can’t guarantee it.


I don’t want to be negative but should I update my resume, start leaning on my network, etc. in case I have to job hunt? I have no visibility into the future and that’s scary because if I got an email that said, “You’ll be working out of our downtown office as of 8/1/20” I would have no alternative but to give notice, and then I’d be job-hunting without a job or a backup plan (and under time pressure to accept a new job fast).
A. All of us need to be in semi-job hunt mode ALL THE TIME these days. You said it – you have NO visibility into the future.
You don’t have to accept a job offer – you don’t even have to take interviews – but you must be ready to make a move if the right opportunity presents itself.
That means:
1. My resume is up to date
2. I know what kind of job I want next
3. I know what that job should pay
4. I know which employers to focus on
5. My network is aware of my interest
6. I flipped the switch on LinkedIn to let recruiters know I’m open to a new opportunity
7. I read job ads to see what employers are looking for
8. I have a good handle on the types of pain I solve for my employers
9. My LinkedIn profile rocks
10. I am mentally ready to job hunt

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