Our society bombards you with reasons not to believe in yourself, especially when you are job hunting:

Maybe you don’t have a “perfect” résumé.

Maybe you don’t have the educational background some people think you should have.

Maybe you’re older than someone thinks you should be, or younger.

Maybe you have a disability, or don’t look like the picture of the perfect candidate someone sees in their head.

Maybe you have gaps on your résumé, or a string of short term jobs.

Maybe you’ve changed careers too many times for someone’s taste.

That’s fine.

People who don’t want to hire you should hire someone else.

You are smart and capable.

The organization that hires you will be lucky to get you.

There are so many outdated, foolish and cruel ideas still out there and circulating in the world of work.

I know because recruiters and hiring managers tell me every day, “I’m afraid that if I hire the wrong person, I’ll get in trouble.”

Their fear keeps them locked in a small box.

They don’t have the courage to hire you if you don’t look like the cookie cutter candidate they are expecting.

Great! You would hate that job anyway.

Your job is not to twist yourself into pretzel shapes trying to please people who will never understand your talent and your spark.

Your job is to keep looking for the people who resonate at your frequency – the people who get you.

ONLY the people who get you, deserve you.