How to Get the Job You Deserve

You don’t have to spend a long time job-hunting to realize that the recruiting process in virtually every medium-sized and large employer is broken.
At first, it’s discouraging to see just how broken the recruiting process is. Every step of the process is slow. You need a job. You can’t wait for weeks to hear back after an interview!

You can fill out online job applications all day every day, but you won’t hear back from most of those employers.

After a while, you realize that if the system is broken — and it is! — then maybe your best bet is to create your own system for getting a job.

Maybe your best bet is to break the rules, and leave the traditional “fill out a job application and wait” process in the dust.

That’s what we think!

I was an HR leader for ages. I recruited thousands of people.

I noticed that when sharp job seekers would reach out to my company’s department managers directly, those managers got excited.

They were much more interested in the candidates who reached out to them directly than in the stack of almost-identical resumes that came into our company in response to our job ads.

Who could blame those managers for wanting to meet the small number of candidates who took the time to reach them directly — and who used their correspondence to talk about their hiring manager and his or her issues, instead of talking about themselves.

Now we teach job seekers how to break the rules and get a job that deserves them.

We teach it in my columns and podcasts — and in the virtual course Get the Job You Deserve, just launched on our site! (Check it out here!)
Learn how to step out of the traditional, slow and broken job search approach to take control of your job search, and get the job you deserve!
When  you take control of your job search, you won’t fill out online job applications anymore.  You’ll use two new tools we invented here at Human Workplace:

1) your Pain Letter, a new-millennium upgrade to the traditional cover letter, and
2) your Human-Voiced Resume, a more powerful and individual edition of your resume!

You’ll send your Pain Letter and Human-Voiced Resume directly to your hiring manager — that is, your possible next boss – in the mail. The envelope will land on their desk.

They’ll pick it up. If they like what they see inside, you’ll get a call or an email reply. You won’t sit around waiting for weeks to hear back from one of the many applications you completed.

You can get the job you deserve — but you have to step outside the traditional job-search process to do it!

GET THE JOB YOU DESERVE — and stop wasting your time, energy and mojo tossing applications into the Black Hole!

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