Q. My wife and I are having a disagreement. We will abide by your decision.

When someone works from home as my wife and I do, is it better to turn off the job at a certain hour (say, 5:00 p.m.) and resist all temptation to do more week later in the evening?

Or, is it fine to jump between work and home tasks at any hour? How solid should the wall be between work and home?

A. Your question is not a question about walls or their solidity, but a question about working style.

One of the biggest benefits of working from home (for people who perceive it as a benefit – not everyone does) is that you can pop out of your chair and put a load of laundry in when you have a minute to spare.

You can feed the cat. You can admire your child’s drawing.

You can take a quick refreshing shower. You can walk around the block.

If your job allows it (and your manager of course) you can adjust your job to make it suit your life and the needs of your mind and body. I support that effort one million percent.

Some people can flick a switch at a certain hour and forget about work. Others listen closely to their body when it says, “Time to write that proposal, your creativity is extra high!” or, “That email has to wait until tomorrow; you are spent.”

Everybody gets to work their own way!