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Humanize Your Resume

What is a Human-Voiced Resume?

A Human-Voiced Resume uses a conversational tone and your powerful stories to grab your hiring manager’s attention, and get you the job you deserve!

This quick, four-part virtual course will walk you through the process of of composing your Human-Voiced Resume, with step-by-step instructions, exercises and motivational podcasts created by our CEO Liz Ryan!


I always hated my resume. This course taught me how to rewrite my resume so it sounds like me and gets my power across to the people who could hire me. I’ve never felt so good about my resume before!

Thank you HUMAN WORKPLACE. I sent out my human voice resume to five hiring managers and two of them want to interview me. Success!

My old resume was so boring it was embarrassing to show it to anyone. My new resume finally sounds like me. It’s a lot more impressive than the old one. This class is a great value!


Most resumes are boring — and most resumes get ignored by hiring managers.

The virtual course Humanize Your Resume will teach a “radically intuitive” way to write a resume that resonates with the decision-makers who need to know you!

If you’ve struggled to write a resume that brings your power and personality across on the page or screen, Humanize Your Resume is the course for you!

This course includes:

1) Four lessons with exercises. You will complete your lessons on your device.

2) The downloadable eBook “Put a Human Voice in Your Resume Summary”

3) Four motivational podcasts by our CEO Liz Ryan — the world’s most widely-read career adviser!

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