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Job Search After 50

Are you frustrated with your job search progress?

Are you ready to try a whole new, empowered way to get the job you deserve?

The virtual course Job Search after Fifty teaches you how to use the powerful Whole Person Job Search method to avoid online job applications, brand yourself for the jobs you want and get a great job!

  • Includes the ultra-popular eBook Break All the Rules and Get Your Dream Job ($100 value!)
  • Focus your job search on the best positions for you
  • Learn how to brand yourself for the jobs you want
  • Use your Human-Voiced Resume to grab a hiring manager’s attention
  • Learn to write and send powerful Pain Letters directly to your hiring manager a/k/a possible future boss
  • Learn how to interview with confidence, and get the job you deserve!


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Job Search After Fifty is our virtual course for job seekers around 50 years old or older — who are ready to try a new way to get a great job!

In this course you’ll learn powerful, non-traditional job search techniques that will make your age a non-factor in your job search, and grab the attention of decision-maker who could use your help!

Whether you want new ideas for your job search or want to step out of the traditional “spray and pray” job search approach that relies on completing dozens of online job applications only to wait in silence for weeks — this course is for you!


This virtual course includes:
1) 12 online lessons with exercises you will complete on your device. .
2) Liz Ryan’s original, motivational illustrations
3) The downloadable eBook Break All the Rules and Get Your Dream Job

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