Almost everybody finds fault with their own resume, and with their career background.

Job seekers either wish they had a different career history than they do, or that their educational background were more impressive, or that the companies they’ve worked for were more notable brand names.

It’s easy to forget that what you have is a lot more important than anything you don’t have in your resume – or in your past.

It’s easy to forget that you have skills and talents employers need.

Here are five common resume “blemishes” that job seekers lose sleep over:

1. Employment gaps
2. Short-term jobs
3. Unexplained career changes
4. Drops in altitude (from a higher-level job to a lower-level job)
5. Resume doesn’t highlight your strengths

Let’s take these resume issues one by one.

Employment gaps are common, especially these days.

It’s silly of employers to stress about employment gaps in a candidate’s resume, but plenty of them still do.

You can address employment gaps in a cover letter, or in the body of the resume itself.

Many of us have short-term jobs on our resumes. In most cases, that wasn’t our choice!

You can use your LinkedIn profile to explain why you went from one job to the next, or took a break between jobs.

There’s no reason to have unexplained and potentially confusing career changes on your resume. You can spell out your story.

You can explain why you went from a management job to an individual contributor job, or lift one job for another one that perhaps didn’t work out the way you planned.

Your resume has one job to do, and that job is to convey your power and credibility to a person who doesn’t know you yet.

If your resume isn’t doing its job as well as it should, pull it up on the screen and see whether there are opportunities to help your resume tell your story more powerfully than it’s doing right now.

You are impressive – and you deserve a resume as awesome as you are!

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