The Ultimate-Job Search Crash Course!

A message from our CEO and founder, Liz Ryan

Job-hunting is a big project.

Job-hunting isn’t most people’s favorite activity, but there are ways to make your job search easier – and faster!

We’ve been helping people get great new jobs for over twenty years. We’d love to help you do the same thing!

Our new Ultimate Job-Search Crash Course will teach you powerful and effective ways to get your next job – with lessons, samples, videos and podcasts to help you on your way!

This virtual course includes a massive amount of instruction and support for your job search:

• The expanded, 2021 Edition of our best-selling course Get the Job You Deserve, with 12 lessons, exercises, examples and tips (over 200 pages of them – a $399 value!)

• 12 motivational videos featuring our CEO and Founder, Liz Ryan

12 of Liz’s most popular job search podcasts

• The ultra-popular eBook Brand Yourself for the Job You Want

• The acclaimed eBook What’s the Right Job for Me?

• The complete, four-part course Interviewing with Mojo (a $129 value!)


With this course, you will:

• Zero in on your best career direction

Learn how to use LinkedIn, your network and other channels to get your new job

• Set your Target Salary and create your Target Employer List

• Learn how to get recruiters’ attention

• Make your job applications stand out and get noticed

• Use new-millennium job search tools like your Human-Voiced Resume and Pain Letters to get the job you deserve!

Brand yourself for the jobs you want

Interview with confidence – and get the job offer!

This huge, comprehensive program is on sale now for just $199!

Testimonials below!


– These lessons REALLY helped me through the job search process. I found my soul job, and Human Workplace made the difference in the entire process.
– An incredible amount of content packed into this course, and especially for the price. Human Workplace’s message and ideas coached me through my job-seeking process, and landed me a great job!
– Awesome deal! The tips and perspectives in these lessons are extremely insightful and useful for everyday life, as well as seeking out a new job. HIGHLY recommend!



Lesson Breakdown 

Lesson 1 – Welcome, And Your Job Search Goals

Lesson 2 – Deciding What You Want And Need In Your Next Job

Lesson 3 – Your Career Direction

Lesson 4 – Your Job Search Branding

Lesson 5 – Your Resume

Lesson 6 – Using Linkedin In Your Resume

Lesson 7 – Setting Your Target Salary Range; Intro to Pain Letters

Lesson 8 – How To Find Job Openings, Apply For Jobs And Write Pain Letters

Lesson 9 – Working With Recruiters; Finding And Reaching Hiring Managers

Lesson 10 – Using Your Network In Your Job Search; Consulting During Your Search

Lesson 11 – Your Best-Ever Job Interview

Lesson 12 – Accepting And Negotiating Job Offers; Job Search Problems And Solutions

What is the format for this program?

The virtual course Get the Job You Deserve is hosted online – you will be given a login and password that you’ll use to follow your lessons, watch the included videos and listen to the included podcasts. 


The additional course Interviewing with Mojo is a downloadable course in PDF format that you will download and keep on your device.


The two eBooks “What’s the Right Job for Me?” and “Brand Yourself for the Job You Want?” are downloadable PDFs.


The 12 videos and 12 podcasts are available to you whenever you want to view or listen to them – just log in and get some ideas & inspiration!

Is this program suitable for every job seeker?

Yes! Whether you have just a little work experience or decades of experience, this program is for you!

Is this program appropriate for job seekers outside the US?

Yes. The Ultimate Job-Search Crash Course program has helped folks get new jobs throughout the developed world.

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