Q. I saw a PR job ad and sent in my Marketing resume. The company recruiter emailed me and asked me to write back and describe my PR experience specifically. Couldn’t they assume that if I can do Marketing I can do PR?
A. Write back and tell a story about how you came, saw and conquered a PR challenge. You only need one story but it has to include not just what you did but how you helped your employer by doing it. Make it a juicy and quick but powerful story with tons of context:
“Hi Gail, Thanks for your reply. I ran PR for ToonTown Products just after they launched their online store. No one had heard of the company at that point; they had had no media attention at all.
“I got our CEO an interview on BizTV that tripled visits to our site. I spent the next year cultivating relationships with national media, getting radio and TV exposure and helping ToonTown grow from $600K to $5M in sales in three years.” 

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