Hi Liz,

I set up my LinkedIn profile to let recruiters know I’m looking for new opportunities.

However, I haven’t heard from any recruiters yet. Am I doing something wrong?



Dear Lacey,

Almost all recruiting (apart from grocery stores, liquor stores, Amazon warehouses, hospitals, etc.) is slowed down or on hold now because of coronavirus.

I have heard estimates from “in late April” or “not until summer” regarding when the slowdown will end.

Many job openings are on hold or cancelled. Companies aren’t sure what they’re going to do; as usual in a crisis recruiting is the first thing to slow down or stop.

Depending on when you “hit the switch” to let recruiters know you’re looking, you may also want to review your LinkedIn profile. If you changed your settings a week or two ago then the Covid-19 crisis may be 100% of the reason you haven’t heard from recruiters yet.

If you updated your LinkedIn profile earlier, it may be that your LinkedIn profile could be stronger.

Do you have all the appropriate keywords for your role somewhere in your profile? Is it clear what sort of job you want? Why not brush up your profile?

We are cheering you on!


Here’s the link to let recruiters know you’re looking: https://lnkd.in/eHQKpCh

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