Q. I love my job. The last thing I have interest in thinking about is my career AFTER this job. Why can’t I just enjoy having a fantastic job, for the first time in my life?

A. Absolutely – do what you feel!

I like to remind folks not to take their eye off the ball – not to think that because they love their current job they don’t have to think about their career at all. A lot of people make that mistake.

They fall asleep. They say to themselves, “I have a great job. Who cares about my career? I’ll think about that later.”

Then something shifts and they lose their job or realize they have to leave because it’s no longer the fantastic job it once was.

However, because they fell asleep they are at a major disadvantage.

They don’t have a network.

They don’t know anything about the pain they solve for their employer.

They don’t know which other employers in the area might be able to use their talents.

They don’t know what their skills are worth.

They don’t know any recruiters.

Their resume is badly out of date.

I don’t want that happen to you!

Love your job – it’s a wonderful feeling.

Just remember that your employer will never care as much about you and your career (or even your continued employment) as you do.

(How could they?)
We are all CEOs now. It’s your career. Take the wheel and steer it wherever you want to go!



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