Virtual Course: Finally, Write Your Book!

$149.00 $29.00

Have you ever thought “I should write a book!” but weren’t sure how to get started?

Finally, Write Your Book! will teach you step by step how to write the book that’s been inside you, dying to come out!
You’ll follow simple exercises and set goals to get your book out of your head and heart, onto the page and out to people who want to read it.
  • Includes the ultra-popular eBook Grow Your Flame ($100 value!)
  • Reflect on your path in life so far and grab the lessons your story has to teach you
  • Decide what you’ll write your book about, and make a plan to dive in
  • Get motivation to finish your book when you’re stuck
  • Find your unique voice, and strengthen it as you go
  • Get your book published or publish it yourself, and grow your flame!


As part of our summer blowout sale, this massive, comprehensive program is on sale for just $29! (limited time offer)


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