Dear Liz,

I had a Zoom interview 2 weeks ago, then a third & final Zoom interview last Wednesday. It went well. I got a job offer the next day! (Almost too fast)

I got the offer letter Thursday night & immediately wrote to my hiring manager (at 11 p.m.) suggesting a quick phone call to discuss the offer plus I had a few questions for him (remember the hiring process was lightning fast).

Friday at noon my hiring manager’s admin wrote suggesting I call the HM at 3 pm. I did. Got his voicemail. Admin wrote back at 5:30 pm: “Today didn’t work, let’s do Monday.”

Today, got an email from the HM’s admin: Call him at 5 pm (three hours ago). At 4:45, another email: “Today won’t work, let’s do tomorrow.” I wrote back to say I’m available all day tomorrow.

Then the third-party recruiter who put me into the queue called. He said the hiring manager called him and said I was holding up the process! I said, How? He said, Why does Alan need to talk to me live before signing the offer? I said, because I have questions – this process has gone extremely fast. The recruiter said the HM is ready to hire another candidate if I don’t commit tomorrow – after HE missed two scheduled calls.

This seems like a HUGE red flag, do you agree?


Dear Alan,

Yes, 100%.

Trust your gut –

All the best,


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