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The coaches in the Human Workplace Coach Network have trained with our CEO Liz Ryan to guide their clients through career reinvention, job search and other career issues.

You can work with your coach virtually or in person.

When you work with a Human Workplace Coach you will follow an online course – Get Your Dream Job, Write Your Perfect Resume, Interview and Get the Job and/or Take Charge Consulting) combined with one-on-one coaching to help you get the job you want and have the career you deserve!

Our Coaches

Judy Berman


Chestertown, Maryland

Judy helps high performers at all career stages make empowered, informed choices to find the work that they love. She brings to her clients a combination of real-world executive and consulting experience, a sales/marketing mindset and more than eight years as a career, leadership, and business coach.

Prior to becoming a coach, she ran sales, marketing, and operations areas for various media organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun.

She believes everyone brings a unique set of strengths and preferences that needs to be matched to a role and culture in the workplace to feel truly fulfilled – and that’s where she can help as your career coach.

She works with her clients on how to get hired but more fundamentally, how to think about their careers differently. She teaches them how to run their career like a CEO – because they ARE the CEOs of their lives and careers. She has also worked with clients to start and develop successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Jim Kelly

Delaware/Greater Philadelphia

Jim’s coaching mission is simple: to help his clients find work that makes them happy, and gives them enough money to enjoy life and retire.

Jim has over twenty years of experience in leadership roles, ranging from banking operations to running a martial arts academy, as well as a background in sales.

Jim has been navigating the political waters of Corporate America for a long time and helps his clients find their way in the today’s working world with compassionate and down-to-earth advice. As someone who’s neurodivergent, Jim is a passionate gamer and embraces nerd culture in general. He is a music lover and plays the guitar and sings.

Over the years Jim has mentored many people to achieve the careers they deserve. Jim has the knowledge, empathy and understanding to guide his clients to achieve their goals.

Luis Souza


Luis is dedicated to empowering individuals at every career stage craft fulfilling professional journeys.

For nearly three decades, Luis navigated the corporate world, starting as a junior internal auditor and becoming Chief Audit Executive in major North American organizations. In this time, Luis had firsthand experience of the factors that make certain candidates stand out, driving his passion to help others successfully bridge the gap.

This passion was ignited when he saw many exceptionally talented newcomers struggling to adapt to their new country’s professional landscape. Having successfully navigated this journey himself, Luis made it his personal mission to support newcomers, recent graduates and experienced professionals alike in overcoming barriers and achieving their career aspirations.

Inspired by the Human Workplace method, Luis rejects the generic and insipid traditional approach to job searching. Instead, he guides professionals to uncover their authentic voice, connect with their passions, and craft a tailored strategy to pursue a truly fulfilling and satisfying career, not just the “next job with a paycheck”. Endless, cliché-filled skill lists are replaced with engaging storytelling, fostering deep human connection and empathy.

To complement this core approach, Luis leverages his insider knowledge as a hiring manager, his deep understanding of organizational needs, and his unique perspective gained from his love of chess and nature, to help candidates showcase their real worth and stand out authentically.

Contact Luis Souza today to embark on this transformative journey towards career success.

Akua Asare


Berkshire, United Kingdom/EU

Akua is a healthcare leader, quality assurance specialist and champion for women in STEM. Akua has spent twenty years building quality systems and processes for the development of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices, growing and leading teams and mentoring junior staff.

Akua is the founder and CEO of Professional Women At Work Ltd, a networking organisation who support and celebrate women in business.

Akua coaches students to executives who are looking for a new career, returning to the workplace, need guidance with job hunting and job interviews and much more.

Akua delivers fun and engaging workshops for companies and organisations on a variety of topics ranging from effective communication to diversity and inclusion.

Susan Clark


Susan’s coaching practice is based on the foundation that everyone deserves the career they want.

As an international career coach, Susan has coached 25+ different nationalities and helped hundreds of people successfully change their careers. She’s worked with academics, artists/creatives, hospitality workers, and tech professionals to name a few.

Susan focuses on confidence-building and empowering others to achieve their professional objectives. Her career knowledge not only comes from education but personal experience. With her own professional background in journalism and marketing, and now coaching, she understands career change first hand.

Her coaching is neurodivergent friendly and a safe space for LGBTQ+ persons. Susan’s ready to help you unlock your potential and unlock your future.

Jareesa Tucker McClure

Atlanta, GA

There are moments in everyone’s career where they need a mentor – a trusted advisor to provide support, a listening ear, and advice. Mentoring is something that Jareesa loves to do, and she’d love to support you as your mentor, as you navigate your career journey.

Whether you’re looking for your next role, or focused on growing within your current role Jareesa would be honored to help you on that journey. Jareesa has over ten years of experience as a mentor to individuals at various levels, helping them achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Her signature focus is connecting with early career individuals, as well as women of color. She combines a scientific mindset and approach with an engaging connection to help her clients take inventory of their skills and experiences, and uncover what interests those skills can apply to.

Outside of mentoring and coaching, Jareesa has spent her almost 20 year career in Fortune 50 companies, and successfully navigated her own career transition from laboratory chemist to retail operations. She’s held a variety of positions in retail, including data analytics, store operations, and supply chain. She’s also an accomplished facilitator and speaker, sharing key insights she’s learned over the course of her career.

Mike Keen


Mike’s focus is to help people achieve success in their IT careers. He loves to help individuals figure out who they want to be, create their roadmap for success, and teach them what they can do to develop their skills and change their career trajectory. He also enjoys helping people through career frustrations, transitions, or preparing for the next opportunity.

Mike had no direction and wanted out of IT early in his career. He was frustrated and had been working in IT for 7 years before he even received his first annual review. When he was then finally given a nudge in a new direction, he still didn’t know what to do. Mike did figure out the steps he needed to take to create a roadmap of the skills to develop, acted, changed his career, and nearly doubled his salary over the next 5 years.

Mike used the same techniques throughout his career as he grew to Directory of IT roles in small businesses and then into regional management in an enterprise.

Mike now looks to share that knowledge with others and wrote an eBook, Accelerate Your IT Career: Practical Steps to Overcome Frustration and Grow Your Career. His hope is to share those ideas so that others can implement them as well and offer coaching to further enhance the process for those that want to change their career trajectory.

Shannon Swenson

Austin, Texas

Shannon co-founded one of the first web agencies in Austin, Texas. He’s worked in sales, marketing, and product roles at Automattic, IBM, Charles Schwab, and GSD&M.

Today he is a digital strategist to global brands, large publishers, media companies, public government and higher education. He is an active leader among popular websites reaching millions of people daily.

Shannon focuses on two areas of coaching.

First, he is a sales coach to leaders and individual contributors at start-ups and scale-ups in SaaS and product companies. He builds high performance teams through recruiting, GTM strategies, and full cycle training. For individual reps, he helps with mindset, negotiation, and navigating enterprise megadeals ($1M+).

Second, he coaches executives on personal development and continuous improvement. Based on leadership principles honed in military science, he helps individuals and teams optimize performance with the resources they have at hand.

Shannon is available for ad hoc consultation and programs tailored to individual goals.

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Southeastern US

Meet Sarah, a successful corporate leader who overcame humble beginnings to achieve great success.

Recognizing the corporate world’s tendency to prioritize company goals over personal growth, Sarah is now on a mission to empower individuals to build careers that truly serve them. With a background in senior leadership roles across global services, customer success, and product development at tech giants such as Salesforce, Tableau, and Qlik, Sarah understands the complexity of the corporate world and it’s lack of representation, safety, and empathy.

Today, her focus is on helping underdogs redirect their energy from employers to self-investment, providing equal opportunities for all to discover strengths and shape fulfilling careers. Sarah believes that everyone, regardless of background, is already a hero in their own story and aims to support individuals in recognizing their strengths and potential. If you’re ready for a career less ordinary, contact Sarah today.

Sandie Coco


Austin, Texas

Sandie enjoys helping women on their career and financial journey. Having lived through two tech layoffs, she knows the emotional roller coaster job hunting brings.

Her personalized spending plan afforded her financial safety during the latest layoff (2023). She leverages her career and financial journey to provide women with strategies to develop personalized spending plans (aka budgets) and to navigate career choices.

Sometimes, we need a guide and mentor to get us out of our own way, to champion us when we feel lost or stuck, and to remind us that we are valuable.

Sandie is honored to be a guide and mentor to the women she works with.

Ala Borza

United Kingdom

Ala is a career coach with a deep background in HR – a perspective that allows her to help her clients manage workplace and job search situations with an understanding of priorities on the “other side of the desk.”

She loves to guide people through reinvention whether they’re changing employers or navigating the internal transfer and promotion process.

In either case, your professionalism, clear communication and strategic thinking are essential, and these are areas Ala specializes in helping her clients master.

Ala’s goal is not just to help her clients with the next step in their career journey but to give them the skills and confidence that will allow them to continue making moves that benefit them professionally, financially and holistically throughout their lives.

Alex Palmisano

Greater Boston, MA

Alex is passionate about helping professionals in creative-facing industries make career transitions and be prepared to pursue the jobs they deserve. With a dual degree in Fashion Design & Art History, and training in Recruiting & Talent Acquisition, Alex has had diverse professional experience in Product Management, Design, Retail, and Higher Education.

She has worked for several nationally recognized brands and learning institutions based throughout the country. Alex has also walked a path of career transition herself from Product Management & Design into HR/Recruiting, and has behind-the-scenes experience working with Talent Strategy leaders and Hiring Managers. 

She is also the Founding Career Coach of Design Your Career, and works with clients from emerging talent to executives in a variety of functions such as Design, Marketing, Supply Chain, Merchandising, and Arts & Entertainment.

She takes a human and realistic approach in assisting clients to overcome their challenges in career pivots and specific focus, professional presentation, etc. 

Kris McIntyre


Kris specializes in helping her clients find their path, purpose, and spark to move forward from life and/or career transition, whether the transition is anticipated or abrupt. She partners with her clients to learn what they’re passionate about and what drives them. Kris helps her clients zero in on their dream roles, brand themselves, grow their confidence and step into their next chapter.

Kris has firsthand experience in using the power of injury, illness, pain, loss, and grief to ignite and fuel new paths. After a head injury Kris used the science of neuroplasticity to rewire her brain and regain her balance, visual acuity, perspective, and confidence.‎

Kris learned to harness her anger and frustration to power her evolution. In her recovery, she discovered herself and her passion for helping people find their paths and move forward with more depth and power than before.

Now Kris teaches the same process to people in career transition and those who have suffered other blows and losses. Her motto is that the life and career you envision are within reach; her coaching helps clients bridge the gap between where between where they are now and into living and working their true purpose.

Anne Larson

Rocky Mountain Region

Anne is a human resources and operational consultant and career coach residing in the Rocky Mountain region. Her passion for infusing human energy into the workplace includes finding space for creative thought and acknowledging the many forms in which original thinking can be expressed. 

Anne, a long-time musician and teacher, spent many years in the corporate environment developing expertise in human resources and operations within the professional services, wealth management, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries.

She believes that, while some people are lucky enough to have their jobs directly reflect their creative spirit and talent, opportunities also exist in the most corporate environments to express your creative mind through innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. She applies creative AND critical thinking to help you find and incorporate your creative spark into a great career environment for you.

Anne’s goals are to help you remember and take pride in the talent you bring to the table, build your confidence and ability to speak about your talents and the contributions you’ve made across your lifetime, and guide you to drive the conversations that will lead you into your best and right next role.

Anne will coach you to showcase your unique greatness, step into your career search or transition plan with confidence and choose the path that reflects what you really want from your career.

Marlo Yvonne



Marlo empowers her clients to move their mountains and create an authentic and meaningful career and life by harnessing the power of their personal beliefs and passion to create purpose.

Marlo came to be a career and life coach after working in Human Resources and recruiting and witnessing how recruiting practices were not always inclusive. She now is on a mission to help her clients surmount exclusionary barriers to land a career focused on their personal values, beliefs and culture.

Marlo’s clients often promote two levels and see an increase in salary of $50K or more. Marlo works with people at all levels and across all industries. 

Thomas Kramer Ph.D.


Washington DC/Baltimore

Thomas is a career coach and strategist who helps his clients navigate their career
journey—even when they don’t know exactly where they’re going.‎

Whether you are looking to position yourself for a big promotion, transition into a new industry, or find a more fulfilling role, Thomas is a trusted advisor who will give you the insights and strategies you need to navigate your career with confidence.

For more than a decade, Thomas has used the Human Workplace methodology to land
multiple dream jobs, accelerate his career growth, navigate industry changes, and negotiate
substantially higher raises and starting salaries.

As a career strategist, Thomas specializes in guiding STEM professionals through every stage of the employment lifecycle with an objective perspective and an actionable blueprint that is tailored to your unique situation and goals.

If you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you navigate your career journey, reach out to
Thomas today.

Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner

Houston, Texas

Sarah specializes in coaching science PhDs at all career stages.

After earning her PhD in Biogeochemistry, she entered the Oil & Gas industry where much of her work involved scientist and engineer career development.

Sarah coaches her clients to understand and highlight how their unique PhD skills solve employers’ pain and open up a wide variety of career options.

She is a proud coach of The Human Workplace methods.

Tiffany Brewster


Tiffany is a career coach with a background in mechanical engineering and diverse professional experience across industries including human resources, environmental engineering, oil and gas, and software development.

As a cancer survivor, Tiffany understands firsthand the transformative power of major life events to realign our priorities.

Tiffany’s coaching style is centered around helping clients uncover and articulate their strengths to bravely pursue the roles that best use their talents and enable their best life. Success at work has a direct impact on overall quality of life, and she is committed to helping her clients create a career that is fulfilling, meaningful, and aligned with their values and goals.

Tiffany believes that everyone has untapped potential and wants  to help her clients unlock theirs. Changing careers can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and support, it can also be an empowering experience.

If you’re ready to take control of your career and create a life that is authentic and purposeful, she would love to work with you and support you on your journey. Let’s get started today!