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The coaches in the Human Workplace Coach Network have trained with our CEO Liz Ryan

to guide their clients through career reinvention, job search and other career issues.

You can work with your coach virtually or in person.

When you work with a Human Workplace Coach you will follow an online course

(Get Your Dream Job, Write Your Perfect Resume, Interview and Get the Job and/or Take Charge Consulting)

combined with one-on-one coaching to help you get the job you want and have the career you deserve!


Judy Berman

Chestertown, Maryland

Judy helps high performers at all career stages make empowered, informed choices to find the work that they love. She brings to her clients a combination of real-world executive and consulting experience, a sales/marketing mindset and more than eight years as a career, leadership, and business coach. Prior to becoming a coach, she ran sales, marketing, and operations areas for various media organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun.

She believes everyone brings a unique set of strengths and preferences that needs to be matched to a role and culture in the workplace to feel truly fulfilled – and that’s where she can help as your career coach. She works with her clients on how to get hired but more fundamentally, how to think about their careers differently. She teaches them how to run their career like a CEO – because they ARE the CEOs of their lives and careers. She has also worked with clients to start and develop successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Akua Asare

Berkshire, United Kingdom/EU

Akua is a healthcare leader, quality assurance specialist and champion for women in STEM. Akua has spent twenty years building quality systems and processes for the development of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices, growing and leading teams and mentoring junior staff.

Akua is the founder and CEO of Professional Women At Work Ltd, a networking organisation who support and celebrate women in business. Akua coaches students to executives who are looking for a new career, returning to the workplace, need guidance with job hunting and job interviews and much more. Akua delivers fun and engaging workshops for companies and organisations on a variety of topics ranging from effective communication to diversity and inclusion.

Jim Kelly

Delaware/Greater Philadelphia

Jim’s coaching mission is simple: to help his clients find work that makes them happy, and gives them enough money to enjoy life and retire. Jim has over twenty years of experience in leadership roles, ranging from banking operations to running a martial arts academy, as well as a background in sales.

Jim has been navigating the political waters of Corporate America for a long time and helps his clients find their way in the today’s working world with compassionate and down-to-earth advice.

As someone who’s neurodivergent, Jim is a passionate gamer and embraces nerd culture in general. He is a music lover and plays the guitar and sings. Over the years Jim has mentored many people to achieve the careers they deserve. Jim has the knowledge, empathy and understanding to guide his clients to achieve their goals.

Anne Larson

Rocky Mountain Region

Anne is a human resources and operational consultant and career coach residing in the Rocky Mountain region. Her passion for infusing human energy into the workplace includes finding space for creative thought and acknowledging the many forms in which original thinking can be expressed.  Anne, a long-time musician and teacher, spent many years in the corporate environment developing expertise in human resources and operations within the professional services, wealth management, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries. She believes that, while some people are lucky enough to have their jobs directly reflect their creative spirit and talent, opportunities also exist in the most corporate environments to express your creative mind through innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. She applies creative AND critical thinking to help you find and incorporate your creative spark into a great career environment for you.

Anne’s goals are to help you remember and take pride in the talent you bring to the table, build your confidence and ability to speak about your talents and the contributions you’ve made across your lifetime, and guide you to drive the conversations that will lead you into your best and right next role. Anne will coach you to showcase your unique greatness, step into your career search or transition plan with confidence and choose the path that reflects what you really want from your career.

Tiffany Brewster


Tiffany is a career coach with a background in mechanical engineering and diverse professional experience across industries including human resources, environmental engineering, oil and gas, and software development. As a cancer survivor, Tiffany understands firsthand the transformative power of major life events to realign our priorities.

Tiffany’s coaching style is centered around helping clients uncover and articulate their strengths to bravely pursue the roles that best use their talents and enable their best life. Success at work has a direct impact on overall quality of life, and she is committed to helping her clients create a career that is fulfilling, meaningful, and aligned with their values and goals.

Tiffany believes that everyone has untapped potential and wants  to help her clients unlock theirs. Changing careers can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and support, it can also be an empowering experience.
If you’re ready to take control of your career and create a life that is authentic and purposeful, she would love to work with you and support you on your journey. Let’s get started today!

Melissa Hodgins

Toronto, Ontario

Melissa is a career coach whose background in tech recruiting and sales allows her to help tech professionals, especially women in technology, with career issues including job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, career advancement, career reinvention and salary/compensation negotiation.
Melissa is a problem-solver at heart; that’s the reason she became a career coach. 
In over ten years of tech recruiting, Melissa has helped tech professionals advance their career goals and ambitions while negotiating the compensation they deserve. Her experience and insider knowledge of the tech recruitment industry is a core differentiator. Melissa’s clients leverage her extensive expertise to help them navigate their unique career challenges, goals, and aspirations – and grow their flames! 

Thomas Kramer

Washington DC/Baltimore

Thomas is a career coach and strategist based in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. He specializes in helping STEM professionals navigate their career journey by identifying their next role and developing a plan to reach it. If you are looking for your next move or promotion, Thomas can offer objective perspective and an actionable blueprint.

Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner

Houston, Texas

Sarah specializes in coaching science PhDs at all career stages. After earning her PhD in Biogeochemistry, she entered the Oil & Gas industry where much of her work involved scientist and engineer career development. Sarah coaches her clients to understand and highlight how their unique PhD skills solve employers’ pain and open up a wide variety of career options. She is a proud coach of The Human Workplace methods.