How to Find & Partner with Recruiters in Your Job Search Toolkit


Are you job-hunting? Could you (or should you) be working with a recruiter on your job search?
Our new downloadable collection, How to Find & Partner with Recruiters in Your Job Search Toolkit, will show you how!
This MASSIVE downloadable collection will teach you step-by-step:
1) How to brand yourself so recruiters will notice you
2) How to make sure your LinkedIn profile represents you in the strongest possible way
3) How to find recruiters in your area
4) How to choose the RIGHT recruiter to partner with
5) How to answer tricky questions recruiters may ask you
6) How to communicate with recruiters and other job search contacts (including sample email templates!)
7) How to deal with “ghosting” and other communication problems
8) How to handle questions about salary
9) How to distinguish between excellent recruiters and recruiters who can’t help you
10) How to write a Human-Voiced Resume that will set you apart!
GET YOUR JOB SEARCH moving with the help of recruiters who have job openings not advertised to the public. Get your copy of Make the Recruiting Connection Toolkit today, while it’s on sale!