The Perfect Job Interview Collection



Do job interviews make you nervous? Most people would say “Yes!”

A job interview is a critical step in your job search.

You want to be well-prepared confident, and ready to rock your next job interview — and every job interview after that!

The Perfect Job Interview Collection will give you the information, tools and encouragement you need to have your best interview ever!

This collection includes all of these instant-download, powerful tools:

• eBook: Interviewing with MOJO Collection
Stories and articles with examples, tips and how-tos for your best job interview!

• Interviewing with Mojo CHEAT SHEET
A handy one-page cheat sheet to prep you for any upcoming interview!

• eBook: Pain Interviewing Script
Pain Interviewing is a powerful technique we developed here at Human Workplace to help job seekers like you zero in on a hiring manager’s biggest pain points — and get their attention. Try it!

• eBook: How to Answer Stupid Interview Questions
Unfortunately, lots of interviewers still ask tired interview questions from a script. This eBook will teach you how to answer them!

• eBook: 15 Things Never to Say in a Job Interview
It’s just as important to know what NOT to say in an interview as what to say! This eBook lays it out

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“Thank you Liz and team for the incredible interviewing advice. I feel ready to go, and eager to answer any question the interviewer asks me!”

“Liz, your advice got me my current job. Thank you for the terrific instruction and the MOJO Boost!”

This downloadable Total Job Interviewing Collection will teach you:

1) How to prepare for a job interview

2) How to handle a phone screen interview

3) How to answer tricky interview questions

4) How to compose your own questions to ask the interfviewer

5) How to follow up after a job interview

6) How to interview with CONFIDENCE and get the job!