Your Perfect Resume Collection – Standard



Not sure your resume is as powerful as it could be?

Your resume can be (nearly) as outstanding as you are!

Most people don’t like their resumes. The reason is obvious. Most resumes are boring! They all look alike. We can teach you how to add POWER and PERSONALITY to your resume – to grab a hiring manager’s attention and get the job you deserve!

Our new, massive Your Perfect Resume Collection is on sale for $99!

In this instant-download collection you’ll learn :

• How to write a powerful resume that stands out from the crowd

• How to convey the power in your accomplishments, not just the dates and titles of your past jobs

• How to brand yourself specifically for the jobs you want

• How to deal with employment gaps and other resume “blemishes”

• How to tell your story to get recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention

Get your resume to shine, and get the job!



“Liz Ryan’s advice made all the difference in my job search. I put a human voice in my resume with her instructions and it worked!”

“I never liked my resume. Thank you Liz for teaching me how to climb out of the old resume mindset and bring my personality across on the page!”

“Human Workplace’s ideas played a huge part in helping find my dream job! Highly recommend.”


This collection includes:

1. The downloadable eBook Using Your Human-Voiced Resume and Pain Letter

2. The downloadable eBook Put A Human Voice in your Resume Summary

3. The downloadable eBook Personal Branding and Your Job Search

4. The downloadable eBook Your Path in Words

5. The downloadable eBook Personal Branding Lifesaver