Breaking Into The Hidden Job Market



Did you know that many job openings are never advertised?

Those unadvertised job openings make up the hidden job market.

How do you break into the hidden job market, and get a job that isn’t advertised?

We can help!

Our best-selling virtual course Breaking Into the Hidden Job Market will teach you step-by-step how to get unadvertised jobs by:

1) Branding yourself in the best way to get hiring managers’ attention

2) Reaching out to hiring managers with a message about their problems/pain (we’ll teach you how)

3) Using your network in your job search

4) Getting gigs the way consultants get theirs

5) Running your career like a business – because after all, it is a business …and much more!

Smart job seekers know they can’t just sit at their computer replying to job ads all day. They have to take a much more active role in their job search. This course will show you how!

Right now, Breaking into the Hidden Job Market is on sale for just $29 (regular price $99). Get into the hidden job market and get the job you deserve!




“Thanks Liz and Company! I had heard about the hidden job market but I have no idea how to get into it. I just started a job that wasn’t supposed to be available for another six months. I approached the hiring manager, he saw the opportunity to hire me and skip a lengthy recruiting process – and voilà! I couldn’t be happier.”