Grow Your Thought Leadership Flame



Are you ready to finally launch a blog, begin speaking in public or share your ideas with a wider group of people?

Step into thought leadership — blogging, podcasting, public speaking or writing — all in this course!

With podcasts, exercises and lessons to guide you through the steps in clarifying your message,  Grow Your Thought Leadership Flame will take you all the way through your thought leadership journey!

  • Includes the ultra-popular eBook Grow Your Flame! ($100 value!)
  • Get clear on your mission and message
  • Learn how to brand yourself as a thought leader
  • Use social media and other tools to grow your audience
  • Make a plan and goals for your thought leadership adventures
  • Learn how to earn money with your writing and/or speaking, and how to turn your thought leadership into a business!



– Awesome deal.  For the price I was amazed with the amount of helpful advice and content included in the course!

– Awesome lessons! Packed with helpful information, and it was inspiring and fun to complete!

– I highly recommend it. Working through the course right now and loving it!


Grow Your Thought Leadership Flame is our virtual course for people who want to become thought leaders — that is, people who share their ideas through a blog, podcast, articles, live or virtual presentations or another medium — and established thought leaders who want to take their message and following to the next level!

Whether you want to add thought leadership to your current role, step into content creation as a business or just explore your creative side and build community around your ideas, this is the course for you!

This virtual course includes:

1) 12 online lessons with exercises you will complete on your device.
2) 12 powerful, motivational podcasts and 12 video lessons from our CEO and Founder, Liz Ryan.
3) The downloadable eBook Grow Your Flame