HR With A Human Voice



Attention all HR professionals:

You’ve got a big job to do.

You’ve got to deal with a changing recruiting marketplace, changing employment laws, changing strategies and priorities from your leadership team, and many other challenges.

It would be nice to have a roadmap as you create your 2020 HR strategy and develop your programs.

It would be nice to have an HR mentor to help you – and samples, scripts and templates to guide you.

We can help!

Our best-selling virtual course HR with a Human Voice is the comprehensive, fun and simple guide for HR professionals looking to take their HR practices and skills to the next level.

HR with a Human Voice teaches you in step-by-step lessons and exercises:

– How to develop an HR strategy

– How to create a healthy workplace culture

– How to establish an internal communications plan

– How to sell your HR initiatives to your leaders

– How to build trust and community on your team

– How to evaluate and improve your recruiting program

…and much more!

HR with a Human Voice is the essential guide for every HR pro who wants to make their workplace more fun and more productive – and make themselves more credible, influential and marketable at the same time!

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Here’s What You Get:

In this special offer, the 12-part HR with a Human Voice guide program is combined with a free bonus e-book, How to Design Your HR Strategy.

It’s a complete, instant download package that will grow your skills and confidence – and help your organization thrive in 2020!

HR with a Human Voice plus How to Design an HR Strategy – together on sale for just $69!