Crash-Course: Get The Job Interview, Ace It And Get Hired!



To get a good job these days, you have to do two things:

1) Get the interview,

2) Ace the interview & get hired!

Some people have no trouble getting interviews, but they can’t get past the interview stage.

That’s frustrating!

Sometimes it’s hard just to get the interview. You fill out so many applications you can’t remember them all, but you get no replies.

We can help with both parts of the job search process!

Just for our end of year sale, we’re offering a new huge, comprehensive crash course for those who need help getting, and nailing, job interviews!

The Get The Job Interview, Ace It, and Get Hired! crash course teaches you in step by step instructions how to:

  • Decide which jobs to go after in your job search
  • Brand yourself for the jobs you want
  • Know how much money to ask for in your job search
  • Use your network to help you get interviews
  • Reach your future boss directly with a powerful message that will get their attention
  • Prepare for job interviews with online research
  • Be ready to answer common, uncommon and tricky interview questions
  • Develop your own smart questions to ask at a job interview
  • Follow up after a job interview to keep the conversation top of mind for your future boss
  • …and much more!

Don’t let any more time go by. Get the interview, ace the interview and get the job you deserve!

This massive, comprehensive collection is available for a limited time at the special price of $39! (regular price for these materials is $149)

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This instantly – downloadable package includes:

The ultra-popular cover letter writing course Writing My First Pain Letter

The downloadable Course Interviewing With Mojo

The Personal Branding Cheat Sheet

The Human-Voiced Resume Article Collection

And a special bonus!