Get Ahead!



Want to get ahead at work and in your career?

How can you learn more, accomplish more and advance on the job?

Here are questions Human Workplace followers ask us every day:

How can I learn more about my company than just what my job entails?

How can I increase my visibility at work?

How do I become more credible to my boss, and her manager and the manager above him?

We can help!

We’ve been helping people become more effective at work, grow their skills and advance professionally for over 20 years.

We created the virtual course Get Ahead! to teach working people how to:

  • Get altitude (perspective) on their job
  • Understand their own role in the context of their department, and their organization
  • Network internally and externally to gain knowledge, expertise and confidence
  • Plot a path from their current role to their future career goals
  • Gain credibility and visibility at work
  • Plan and organize their work to become more effective

This 12-part virtual course includes lessons, exercises, videos, how-to’s and tips to make you stronger and more successful at work.

Testimonials below!




– “I didn’t understand what my boss meant when she said I needed to have a fuller understanding of our business. Now I know! Thanks for laying out the path and helping me fill in the blanks. Great course!”
– “This course helped me meet more people at work, become more visible, have more confidence in sharing ideas, plan my work better and become more promotable. I just got promoted to a bigger role. I can’t thank you enough!”