Roadmap To Your New Career



Roadmap To Your New Career is our virtual course for working people who want to get ahead at their jobs and in their careers.

Roadmap To Your New Career teaches you how to reinvent your career, find a need in the market for your skills, and help you get your dream job.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to zero in on the best career direction for a job search!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How do you decide which career path to pursue next, based on your skills, interests and what the market needs
  • How to brand yourself for your career change
  • How to tell powerful stories the translate your talents from one field to another
  • How to write your Human-Voiced Resume and Pain Letters
  • How to reach your hiring manager directly, and what to say to them
  • How to interview with confidence
  • How to get the job you deserve!

The traditional job search approach doesn’t work very well for career changes. The new-millennium Human Workplace approach DOES!

Testimonials below!




“Thank you for understanding the plight of a middle-age job seeker. Thank you for giving me the tools to get back on my feet careerwise. This course is a godsend!”

“I didn’t choose to change careers, but I had to. So happy that I found this course, and rebranded myself to get a new job that I love. Thank you”



The course includes:

Twelve easy-to-follow online lessons with videos, exercises, helpful tips and examples. You’ll complete your lessons on your own device, and at your own pace!

Lesson 1: Your Goals
Lesson 2: 
Researching Career Directions
Lesson 3
: Stepping Into a New Frame
Lesson 4: 
Writing your Branding Statement
Lesson 5: 
Action Planning
Lesson 6: 
Check In
Lesson 7: 
Your Brand
Lesson 8: 
Lesson 9: 
Mojo Builders
Lesson 10:
 Support And Your Network
Lesson 11: 
Step Into Character
Lesson 12: 
Recapture, Reclaim, Reframe